Jan. 20th, 2008


Jan. 20th, 2008 02:16 am
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i seem to have recaught my cold, and i've spent all day feeling ill and watching tv as a result. i hate that. tomorrow is my last day of vacation, and while i had hoped to make it count, it looks like i'll spend it wrapped in a blanket watching it snow and trying to get healthy. not what i had hoped for, but it could be worse.

i'm nervous about the new semester, but i always am. it doesn't matter how many times i do this - i'm always just as jittery as i was the first time. it doesn't help that i still don't know what i'm taking. my next to last semester and i don't know what i'm going to register for. *shakes head* it's that fourth class i just can't seem to figure out. nothing i want fits, and everything that fits sounds either soul-crushingly dull or like boat loads of work. i wouldn't mind the work if i weren't already tackling two really tough classes already. i'll check again tomorrow to see if anything middle of the road has opened up, or jumps out at me. regardless, it's time to decide.

i felt like i had something to say, but all that comes to mind is, "i don't feel well and i'm nervous about school." i've been trying not to think about the divorce, but it lingers. i don't feel any closer to the end than i did before court and i'm not sure if that's because i'm really not, or because it hasn't sunk in yet. a little of both i'm guessing. in the meantime i'm trying to push it out of my thoughts. which works alright until i turn out the lights, hence, here i am. perhaps Nyquil holds the solution to more than one of my problems. nothing quite like the sweet sweet sleep of cold meds.

note: i rediscovered the Supernatural "scary just got sexy" promo, and i can't get it out of my head. i hadn't seen it since last summer so when i stumbled across some screen caps i had to hunt it down and rewatch it. sexy indeed. i'm inspired to make icons again.


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