Jan. 25th, 2008

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Today I...

...plucked a single snow-white hair from the top of my head where it was reaching toward the sky like an antennae, then let it fall to the floor where it was lost in dog hair, bits of bark, and coffee cake crumbs.

...shouldered a brand new winter coat, the first in a decade, stylishly assembled to resemble a coat my father once had in the early seventies. new twice.

...walked quickly, far too quickly, everywhere I went while listening to the rise and fall of piano, guitar, synthesizer, voice, all of them tuned to the key of discontent.

...read the damn poem about blackbirds again and vowed to write my own poem with thirteen verses on a single subject. thirteen ways of looking at...what precisely? as soon as I figure that out it will be brilliant. revolutionary. mind blowing.

...ate a granola bar for the first time in my adult life, pondering each chewy bit of childhood mountain adventure stuck in my teeth.

...raised my eyebrows at the unsolicited smile of one I once called friend and now call nothing at all, all the while marveling not at the situation but rather at the softness of the hat I was fumbling to tug over my cold tinted ears.

...parked illegally under a sign that said 30 Minutes in bold authoritative type when I knew full well I'd be an hour, and didn't look back when I walked away.

...baked cinnamon rolls, watched them rise, smeared frosting over the tops where it melted, then devoured one. two. later perhaps three.

...enjoyed the feel of a new pair of socks surrounding my feet, and wriggled my toes, making red and black argyle waves lift and crash upon the floor silently. cotton on cotton.

...found the piece of polished quartz I thought I had lost, nestled in the shelter of my coffee table's silver leg in the thicket of cream colored carpet.

...took a few pictures of my dog as he slept upside down, dreaming in the position of a deceased cockroach.

...decided to rename my most recent poem ellipses. this is not said poem, nor is there a single ellipses contained within its lines.

...by happenstance, wrote thirteen lines in my journal all saying different things but expressing the same sentiment: Today was Thursday the 24th of January. Just another day. Just another unique, repetitive, ordinarily extraordinary day. My name is ever changing, and I am a poet.


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