Mar. 24th, 2008

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it's good to be home. i had a great week with the hanged man, and i like staying at his pad and spending time with him, but it's nice to be in my own space again too. i missed my bed, dogs, and loft. i was also starting to miss being alone. i'm sort of glad i'll be back to my routine tomorrow. (only sort of.) i'm sure i'll be staying over on tuesday, and probably thursday and friday, but i've already decided i'm coming home monday and wednesday. it's good to be with him, but it's good to be by myself sometimes too. i hope he doesn't take it the wrong way - things finally feel totally comfortable and right with him and i'd hate to throw them out of whack. then again, if i'm stressing and changing myself to suit his moods then they already are.

i don't foresee any of this being a problem, but i'm trying to stay aware. i'm happy. both with him and here alone. it's nice. i don't feel like i'm going through withdrawal when we are apart nor do i feel crazy and high when we are together. i just feel warm and content. i think that's a sign i'm getting healthy, and that this relationship is good for me right now. i hope it is for him too. things really have been amazing.


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